Extra Research Meant Finding Dr. David Tourgeman!

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Before moving to California, Maggie T. had undergone several surgeries in Colorado to repair a uterine septum preventing her from getting pregnant. It was a traumatic experience, with Maggie needing to find a second surgeon to correct the errors the first doctor made.

At the urging of her then boyfriend (now husband), Maggie quit her job and moved to California where she focused on getting herself into shape and finding an infertility physician.

She scoured the Internet and was impressed with Dr. David Tourgeman’s online reviews. But she didn’t stop her search there. She dug deeper to learn how his patients honestly felt about the care he administered.

Recalled Maggie, “By the time I had my initial consultation with Dr. Tourgeman, I’d been through the ringer with the first fertility practice. That doctor did not understand my infertility issues, and the staff did not support me emotionally. After several surgeries and one unsuccessful round of IVF, I wanted to make sure a new clinic and doctor would not repeat the same mistakes.”

The former program manager was direct with Dr. Tourgeman about her needs, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that HRC Fertility was committed to not only treating patients medically but also supporting them emotionally. “Deciding to become Dr. Tourgeman’s patient was one of my best decisions,” she said. “He read all my charts to understand what was wrong with me. He also adjusted my medications after assessing what my previous doctor had done. I feel all the new steps he took contributed to my success with IVF after one cycle. Above all, he was upfront and honest. I knew exactly what to expect.”

Maggie and her husband also appreciated how kind and courteous every staff member in the office was; everyone knew her name, from the nurses to the front desk employees. She never felt like a number or that the clinic could not make time for her individual needs.

Most importantly, Dr. Tourgeman saw her at every appointment and was with her every step of the way. “He completely changed my perspective. I felt jaded from my previous episode with the Colorado practice and was resigned to the possibility we might not be able to have kids.”

Though her focus is now her infant daughter, Maggie eventually would like to take what she has learned from her fertility journey and help other women who are confused and concerned when they can’t conceive.

“It can be so frustrating when you can’t get pregnant,” added Maggie. “No one knows how to start the process of finding the right infertility doctor.” She advises couples to spend the necessary time to find the right doctor who will be an advocate and engaged in their care: “Don’t rely on one source to look for a doctor. Do a thorough Internet search and ask other people for referrals. The best doctor for you is not necessarily the one with the best success rates on paper, but is the provider who is going to listen and work on your behalf.”


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