Dr. Michael Feinman Simplifies the IVF Process

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A couple in their mid-40s, Marcia and John knew they had no time to waste if they wanted to create their family. After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant on their own for a couple of months, they decided to talk to a fertility specialist to discuss potential paths to parenthood.

They found Dr. Feinman online but also learned that John’s doctor knew him, which was reassuring. During their initial consultation, Dr. Feinman gave the couple three options: keep trying; try one IVF cycle with Marcia’s eggs, or use an egg donor.

Explained Marcia, “We decided to find an egg donor because we knew time was not on our side. The staff at HRC Fertility gave us a list of agencies that we researched and interviewed. After finally finding an egg donor with a specific combination of traits, we thought we had found a perfect match. Unfortunately, the donor backed out after testing and the legal contracts had been signed. We were devastated, but we had committed to the agency that found her so we had to hope they would find another young woman who would be just as good. Fortunately, they did.”

Once the second donor agreed to work with them, the process proceeded very quickly. She had already donated once, and was familiar with the process. Dr. Feinman transferred the best one out of six viable embryos and Marcia became pregnant on her first attempt.

Marcia and John are grateful to Dr. Feinman and his staff, particularly for the fact that Dr. Feinman made the complicated IVF process seem simple.

“With lots of emotions and money involved, Dr. Feinman gave us the confidence that IVF with egg donation could work for us,” said Marcia. It’s really easy to become overwhelmed by what you read on the Internet, but he was consistently reassuring and available for us when we had questions or concerns. His staff was great! John especially appreciated all the training he received about administering injections and overcame his squeamishness about giving me shots.”

Marcia’s advice to other patients is to try not to stress out too much even if they are emotionally overwhelmed. “We realize how lucky we were because we got pregnant on our first try. Though parenthood is challenging, it’s an amazing time. Plus, we have five additional frozen embryos in the ‘bank’ if we decide we want to give it one more try!”


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