Dr. David Tourgeman Grants Holiday Wish

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Shelly and her husband already had an 18-month-old son when they started trying for baby number two.

They wanted their children to be close in age, and weren’t expecting fertility problems because Shelly had become pregnant with Colin after only two months. But her OBGYN discovered that Shelly had low ovarian reserve and would probably need IVF. The couple was concerned about the cost, but started looking for an infertility specialist.

Another mom on the Valley Moms Facebook page recommended HRC Fertility to Shelly. Coincidentally, HRC was holding a free seminar that week, and Shelly and her husband took advantage of the free consultation offered at the event and soon met with with Dr. Tourgeman.

Dr. Tourgeman initially recommended a round of IVF with Shelly’s eggs, but her ultrasound revealed only a few low-quality eggs.

“The ultrasound results were disappointing, but we knew we could only pay for one round of IVF so we decided to use an egg donor,” Shelly recalls. “I was able to do a ‘piggyback’ cycle with an egg donor who had been hired by an overseas couple who paid the majority of her fees and testing costs. Fortunately, the donor and I share similar physical qualities. A month later, her eggs were retrieved on Caleb’s birthday. We took that as a good sign.”

The eggs created two embryos, one of which Dr. Tourgeman transferred to Shelly in December 2016. That embryo became her youngest son Caleb.

“We feel so fortunate the IVF cycle worked on the first try. It’s taken some of our friends much longer, and they had to undergo multiple cycles to achieve success. We were also lucky to connect with HRC Fertility and Dr. Tourgeman. His entire staff was extremely helpful, communicating with us at every step so we were confident about our decisions.”

So this holiday season, the family has a lot to be thankful for!


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