Choice Mom Chooses HRC Fertility for Her Path to Parenthood

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When she was just 24, Jennifer Biffer underwent a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis. This turning point made the talented interior designer realize she would never be able to have children in the “traditional” way.

Jennifer was able to become a devoted stepmother and later, when her stepdaughter got married, a grandmother. But her desire to have her own baby never went away.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s husband didn’t want to start the parenthood journey a second time so Jennifer decided to become a choice mom and go it alone. She began the process at a Colorado clinic with the assistance of a boyfriend who agreed to become a sperm donor. Because of her age and prior hysterectomy, Jennifer also needed an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

When her boyfriend backed out, Jennifer started looking for another doctor. A girlfriend recommended HRC’s Dr. Robert Boostanfar.

“I immediately connected with Dr. B and felt one thousand times more comfortable with HRC than my first fertility clinic,” recalled Jennifer. “After my initial consultation ended, he gave me a hug and told me he would help me have a baby!”

The process moved quickly after that. With the help of a surrogacy consultant, three months later Jennifer had found an egg donor, a sperm donor and a surrogate mother. By January, her surrogate had a fresh embryo transfer with one embryo. The blastocyst embryo split, which resulted in the pregnancy of Jennifer’s identical twin boys.

Wyatt Gabriel and Aiden Royce were born eight weeks premature in August 2016, and both spent time in the NICU. As a single mom, Jennifer has experienced a roller coaster ride with doctor and therapy appointments. Though they have had some physical challenges because of their prematurity, the beautiful, healthy boys are starting to hit their milestones and are doing great.

Jennifer added, “My experience at HRC was incredible. Every staff member was so kind, always making me feel like I was the mom even though it was a surrogate pregnancy.”

Jennifer advises other women who need egg donors to focus on the health and fertility of the women who donate their eggs versus requirements like SAT scores. “At the end of the day, genetics can be a complete crap shoot, so it’s not worth it to get caught up in less relevant details.”

Jennifer found infertility to be as stressful, emotionally and financially, as undergoing the deaths of loved ones or a divorce. To cope, she attended a support group in New York for women using egg donors. Hearing everyone else’s stories was helpful, but she hopes the stigma surrounding egg donation can be lessened.

Jennifer’s final message? “Throughout my journey, I learned that parenting has nothing to do with how you became a parent. Many women who use egg donors to build their family wonder if they will feel like a ‘real mother.’ But once the babies arrive, they are yours in both heart and soul.”


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