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Dr. John Norian Helps Couple Choose Hope over Fear

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In spring 2015, Jenny woke from surgery devastated to learn she had lost her baby as well as her ability to conceive naturally. She had experienced an ectopic pregnancy and required emergency surgery. The affected fallopian tube ruptured, and the other one filled with fluid, a condition called hydrosalpinx. Doctors had to remove both tubes but were, fortunately, able to save Jenny’s life.

Jenny and her husband were living in the Midwest at the time, but then moved to California where they started looking for fertility clinics. Recalled Jenny, “A friend gave us an ‘anti-recommendation’ for a clinic where they’d had a bad experience. But they knew people who’d had a great experience with Dr. John Norian at HRC Fertility and suggested we contact him.”

The couple attended one of HRC Fertility’s monthly seminars and met with Dr. Norian in May 2016. After their initial consultation, events progressed quickly. Jenny completed the paperwork, retrieved her medical records and underwent all the tests and prep work so the couple could start their first stimulation cycle a few months later.

The results weren’t initially encouraging, and Dr. Norian suspected Jenny had diminished ovarian reserve. She and her husband decided to wait and begin a new cycle after the doctor adapted her new medication regimen.

Dr. Norian made the necessary changes, which doubled the number of eggs and embryos Jenny produced. The lab also performed genetic testing (PGD) on the embryos, and Dr. Norian transferred the best embryo in November. Jenny became pregnant but tragically miscarried their little boy.

“Dr Norian was shocked the cycle hadn’t worked, but was also sympathetic, supportive and encouraging. I waited a few months for my body to rest, and our next cycle resulted in our beautiful baby girl. We traveled a long road to get her, but I finished treatment with Dr. Norian almost a year after we started.”

Jenny was grateful for the extra monitoring appointments HRC Fertility provided and she “graduated” at 10 weeks. When she had trouble getting an appointment with her OBGYN, Dr. Norian contacted an OBGYN he knew to get her seen earlier.

She said, “I was so appreciative of him going the extra mile and helping me transition my care.”

Jenny, who is a hospital chaplain with a theological background, is now able to reflect on all that she went through on her infertility journey. Though the treatment process was difficult and the outcome uncertain, she says that she always felt like Dr. Norian and his team were invested in their success.

As a chaplain, she also acknowledges being a patient is very different from counseling someone who has gone through miscarriage and loss. “It’s important not to compare your journey to anyone else’s and to choose hope over fear. Infertility may be a longer road than you think and, at times, it might take over your life. It’s important to take care of yourself and confide in others.”




Dr. Frederick Patients Resilient During Fertility Treatment

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Anna Marie and Michelle Carreno-Bolong knew as a same-sex couple they would need assisted reproduction to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. The thirtysomething married couple obviously love kids; they are owners of a children’s gym in Redondo Beach.

In 2014, they began their journey to parenthood by making several appointments with an Orange County fertility specialist who, they felt, lacked the compassion the couple was seeking. After a friend recommended HRC Fertility, Anna Marie and Michelle decided to seek treatment with Dr. Jane Frederick.

Anna Marie recalls, “Dr. Frederick exuded warmth and kindness. Right from the start, I knew we’d made the right choice.”

Despite the fact that Michelle failed to get pregnant after several IUIs and Anna Marie miscarried after her first IUI, the couple never lost faith in their new team and in their own resilience.

“Dr. Frederick and her staff were genuine in their emotions and were excellent communicators–always making us feel a part of their family,” says Anna Marie. “When we suffered the heartbreak of the miscarriage, they gave us space to mourn the loss and prepare ourselves emotionally and physically before moving on to IVF.”

After their break, Anna Marie and Michelle returned to HRC Fertility in February 2015 to undergo an IVF cycle. Because they didn’t want to experience more losses, Anna Marie and Michelle decided to have their embryos genetically tested. Those two beautiful embryos led to the birth of their eight-month-old twins.

Anna Marie and Michelle will always feel forever blessed for their two little ones, but also extremely fortunate they selected the right professionals to help them make their dreams come true. Their experience with the two clinics was like night and day. In fact, they’ve already recommended HRC Fertility to one friend who will be undergoing reciprocal IVF, and are looking forward to referring more.




PGD: The Answer to Choosing the Sex of your Baby

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You have read about different at-home methods on how to try for a boy or for a girl, but you know there is no guarantee they will work. Still, the part of you that would like to balance your family cannot let go of the idea. It may be time to consider gender selection treatments.

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How to Become Pregnant: Just Because You Look Young Doesn’t Mean Your Eggs Are

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Everyone says, “you look fabulous”. You spend time and money maintaining your appearance, often mistaken for a woman years younger. You can’t fathom why your pregnancy test is negative month after month. Clearly, you are trying to become pregnant! What is the problem? Readmore ….




Gender Selection in the News

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Recently a controversial article about a woman desperately wanting to have a baby girl was featured on Slate.com. The woman, already a mother to three boys, traveled from Canada to HRC Fertility in Laguna Hills, CA to meet with Dr. Daniel Potter, one of the world’s leading experts in gender selection. She underwent PGD, a procedure that is 99.9% accurate in selecting the sex of your child. She subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby girl and couldn’t be happier with her decision.   Readmore ….