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Not Feeling it? Change Fertility Doctors

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Claire didn’t like her doctor. She was investigating IVF options and undergoing tests with a fertility specialist, and it had so far been a bad experience.

And a bad experience is not what Claire and her husband Rod needed. Rod had had a vasectomy more than a decade before they were married, and the couple wasn’t sure a reversal would be successful. They also didn’t have an unlimited budget to spend on fertility treatments.

As Claire recalls, despite the nicely decorated waiting room and office, “I didn’t really feel like the doctor cared that much. It was much more about how amazing he was rather than how he could help me.”

So how did she find HRC Fertility and Dr. David Tourgeman? She asked a perfect stranger personal questions.

“I happened to be just hanging out on the beach with my husband when this woman walked along behind me with two young children about two or three years old,” she said. “I heard the English accent when they were talking. I’m English, too, and I don’t usually speak to people I don’t know. It’s an English thing. But I was like, ‘Oh hi. You’re from England.’ She said, ‘Oh yes’ and she introduced me to her twins. It was really out of character for me to be so personal with someone I don’t know, but I asked if she had her twins with IVF and she said yes. She told me Dr. Tourgeman had helped her and gave me his information.”

Claire went in for a consultation. She quickly discovered the whole attitude at HRC Fertility’s West Los Angeles office was different than the previous office. Claire knew she had found the right doctor in Dr. Tourgeman to help her build her family with Rod.

“He was so warm, friendly and personable, eager to help, and interested in hearing about me rather than just interested in talking about himself,” she said. I got a whole different feeling there, and it was a much better experience. “

Claire felt she had found a great doctor to help them start their family together. She was right. They are the proud parents of their daughter Hadley, nearly eight months old. She credits the care of Dr. Tourgeman and his staff for helping her to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment—a factor she considers a large contributor to her success.

“I think it’s really important for IVF to be successful that you feel happy and relaxed and comfortable,” she said. “And I definitely got those feelings from Dr. Tourgeman and his staff.”




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