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You and Me and Babies Make Four

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When Stephen and Jun decided to get married, they knew they wanted to have a family someday. As a same-sex couple, however, their path to parenthood was a bit more complicated.

“We knew before we were married that we wanted to have kids, but we didn’t know when or how,” said Stephen. “We wanted to work on our own relationship and careers first, and for the first five or six years we were moving around the country with our jobs.”

After finally setting in southern California, Stephen and Jun decided the time was right to start looking at their family-building options. They did a lot of research, looked at several agencies, considered whether they wanted relatives help them conceive, and also discussed adoption.

“We wanted to find out what made the most sense for us,” they explained.

Ultimately, the couple found an agency close to home that could help them find an egg donor and local surrogate rather than an international surrogate. It was really important to them to be able to spend time with their surrogate and attend doctor’s appointments.

Based on their requirements, the agency also helped Stephen and Jun identify IVF clinics. After narrowing it down to two clinics, they chose Dr. Frederick at HRC’s Orange County office.

“Dr. Frederick told us that she’d helped other same-sex couples conceive biological children,” Stephen said, adding that he and Jun were also impressed with her investment in the Bonding Room at Saddleback Memorial Center, which provides a place to stay overnight at the hospital for couples with children born through a surrogate.

The couple knew they wanted twins, a boy and a girl, and were fortunate they had enough healthy embryos to have that choice. Though their twins are just eight months old, Stephen and Jun are already thinking ahead.

“We definitely plan to do it again!”




Gender Selection and Infertility

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If you have infertility challenges, you might wonder what the best treatment might be to help you conceive. Among your many choices are various methods said to increase your chances of having either a boy or girl. To pair gender selection and infertility treatments, talk with your doctor about the frequently asked questions below so you can make an educated decision about your best options.

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PGD: The Answer to Choosing the Sex of your Baby

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You have read about different at-home methods on how to try for a boy or for a girl, but you know there is no guarantee they will work. Still, the part of you that would like to balance your family cannot let go of the idea. It may be time to consider gender selection treatments.

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Gender Selection in the News

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Recently a controversial article about a woman desperately wanting to have a baby girl was featured on Slate.com. The woman, already a mother to three boys, traveled from Canada to HRC Fertility in Laguna Hills, CA to meet with Dr. Daniel Potter, one of the world’s leading experts in gender selection. She underwent PGD, a procedure that is 99.9% accurate in selecting the sex of your child. She subsequently gave birth to a healthy baby girl and couldn’t be happier with her decision.   Readmore ….