All in the Family with Dr. John Wilcox

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Courtney Glickman is the second member of her family to be treated by Dr. John Wilcox. Her aunt, who has pre-teen twins from fertility treatment with Dr. Wilcox, referred her to HRC’s Pasadena office when Courtney was having trouble conceiving.

At the time, Courtney couldn’t have imagined she would have her own set of twins a little over a year later in 2012, and another baby, born in 2017.

Courtney’s fertility journey began several years earlier. After she stopped using birth control pills, her periods became very unpredictable and then stopped altogether. She started treatment with an OBGYN, who kept diagnosing her with different conditions but nothing definitive.

“My aunt told me I needed a one-stop shop for infertility care. So I transitioned to Dr. Wilcox, who diagnosed me with unexplained infertility,” recalled Courtney. “He also told me my periods would probably return after childbirth.”

Initially, Dr. Wilcox took a conservative approach, prescribing medication and intrauterine insemination. When this didn’t work, she underwent her first round of IVF, which resulted in her boy/girl twins.

Courtney was not yet finished building her family, however. After again having trouble conceiving with her new husband, Dr. Wilcox performed surgery to reduce the scar tissue in her uterus and then two rounds of IVF. This go-around, the couple was able to utilize newer genetic testing and gender selection technologies.

Looking back, Courtney added, “Going through infertility treatment is very emotional. Even though you try to be hopeful, it’s still very hard. But Dr. Wilcox and his team made us feel like we weren’t alone. He and his nurses always communicated with me, no matter how many questions or concerns I had, including a scary trip to the emergency room.”

Courtney advises others to find someone like Dr. Wilcox: a physicians they can trust, who communicates well and who provides the full array of fertility services in one location.


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