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Choice Mom Chooses HRC Fertility for Her Path to Parenthood

When she was just 24, Jennifer Biffer underwent a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis. This turning point made the talented interior designer realize she would never be able to have children in the “traditional” way.

Jennifer was able to become a devoted stepmother and later, when her stepdaughter got married, a grandmother. But her desire to have her own baby never went away.

Unfortunately, Jennifer’s husband didn’t want to start the parenthood journey a second time so Jennifer decided to become a choice mom and go it alone. She began the process at a Colorado clinic with the assistance of a boyfriend who agreed to become a sperm donor. Because of her age and prior hysterectomy, Jennifer also needed an egg donor and a surrogate mother.

When her boyfriend backed out, Jennifer started looking for another doctor. A girlfriend recommended HRC’s Dr. Robert Boostanfar.

“I immediately connected with Dr. B and felt one thousand times more comfortable with HRC than my first fertility clinic,” recalled Jennifer. “After my initial consultation ended, he gave me a hug and told me he would help me have a baby!”

The process moved quickly after that. With the help of a surrogacy consultant, three months later Jennifer had found an egg donor, a sperm donor and a surrogate mother. By January, her surrogate had a fresh embryo transfer with one embryo. The blastocyst embryo split, which resulted in the pregnancy of Jennifer’s identical twin boys.

Wyatt Gabriel and Aiden Royce were born eight weeks premature in August 2016, and both spent time in the NICU. As a single mom, Jennifer has experienced a roller coaster ride with doctor and therapy appointments. Though they have had some physical challenges because of their prematurity, the beautiful, healthy boys are starting to hit their milestones and are doing great.

Jennifer added, “My experience at HRC was incredible. Every staff member was so kind, always making me feel like I was the mom even though it was a surrogate pregnancy.”

Jennifer advises other women who need egg donors to focus on the health and fertility of the women who donate their eggs versus requirements like SAT scores. “At the end of the day, genetics can be a complete crap shoot, so it’s not worth it to get caught up in less relevant details.”

Jennifer found infertility to be as stressful, emotionally and financially, as undergoing the deaths of loved ones or a divorce. To cope, she attended a support group in New York for women using egg donors. Hearing everyone else’s stories was helpful, but she hopes the stigma surrounding egg donation can be lessened.

Jennifer’s final message? “Throughout my journey, I learned that parenting has nothing to do with how you became a parent. Many women who use egg donors to build their family wonder if they will feel like a ‘real mother.’ But once the babies arrive, they are yours in both heart and soul.”




HRC Fertility Free Seminar a Game-Changer

Margot had a gut instinct that she might have polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. Though she is thin, Margot experienced irregular periods and suffered from bouts of acne. However, every doctor insisted Margot was fine, even though she and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for just over one year. Luckily, Margot persisted in discovering the truth behind her inability to conceive and is now the mother of a 20-month-old toddler, Asher.

A registered nurse, Margot and her husband both wanted to start a family soon after they were married in 2013. Unfortunately, Margot’s search for a gynecologist who could confirm her diagnosis proved fruitless until she attended one of HRC Fertility’s free seminars in Fullerton. As part of the event, Margot was offered a free consultation with an infertility specialist. She and her husband scheduled an appointment with Dr. John Norian at HRC’s Rancho Cucamonga office.

“Within the first five minutes of meeting him, Dr. Norian was convinced I had PCOS,” recalls Margot. “An ultrasound confirmed my ovaries were polycystic. Dr. Norian reviewed all of our treatment options, including intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, my husband was unsure about IVF. Fortunately, Dr. Norian was very accommodating and didn’t want us to feel any pressure about how to proceed.”

The couple decided to undergo several rounds of treatment with the medication Letrozole. Though the first cycle didn’t work, Dr. Norian carefully monitored Margot with ultrasounds and the couple achieved success on their second cycle. Margot learned she was pregnant on her 33rd birthday!

She says, “We were fortunate that HRC had an incredibly encouraging and supportive staff. Infertility presents you with such a roller coaster of emotions and it was wonderful to have a great group of nurses and an outstanding doctor who understood our journey.”

Margot recommends that others follow their intuition and find a specialist who has expertise in infertility, adding, “It will save you a lot of pain and heartache if you do. Even if you have to go without your partner, it will give you peace of mind.”




Frozen Embryo Twins, Thanks to Dr. David Tourgeman

Traci’s children Connor and Cassie are two years apart, yet their origins began at the same time in the HRC Fertility laboratory. Like many IVF babies, they are frozen embryo twins.

Traci and her husband began trying to get pregnant about a year after their 2011 wedding. When nothing happened, Traci sought the advice of her gynecologist, who found that her progesterone levels were too low to sustain a pregnancy. After several months of taking Clomid without getting pregnant, her doctor referred her to Dr. David Tourgeman at HRC.

Dr. Tourgeman initially recommended three rounds of IUI. When those didn’t work, the couple decided to undergo IVF, which produced four embryos. Dr. Tourgeman transferred the two healthiest embryos, one of which became Connor.

“After Connor’s first birthday, we decided to transfer the other two stored embryos even though the prognosis for their development wasn’t all that optimistic,” Traci recalls. “There was only a 30 percent chance of pregnancy, but luckily one developed into our new baby daughter Cassie.”

Traci is very appreciative of the support she received from HRC, adding, “The staff can make or break a patient’s experience because we’re visiting the clinic so often. Most of the nurses were experienced working in the infertility field, plus they had children of their own and understood how important this was to me. Dr. Tourgeman and the entire staff were excellent at explaining what I needed to know about my cycle to make it a success.”

Traci is enjoying her new role as the busy mother of two young, active and healthy children. She is also thankful for the many wonderful infertility resources that were available to her and her husband. Going forward, she is happy to be part of the conversation to help people talk more about infertility. Even though the process was emotionally challenging, Traci knows she was in the best of hands with HRC.




Second Opinion Results in Baby with HRC and Dr. John Wilcox

Like many newlyweds, Genevieve and her husband started trying to have a baby as soon as they married in 2012. A heartbreaking miscarriage a year later prompted the couple to seek the help of an infertility specialist.

However, after three failed intrauterine inseminations (IUI) with the same doctor, Genevieve and her husband felt frustrated that their needs were not being met. Though they were in the midst of their first round of IVF, they decided to get a second opinion before proceeding. Genevieve relied on Yelp reviews and a personal recommendation to choose Dr. John Wilcox at HRC Fertility’s Pasadena office.

“I found Dr. Wilcox to be a sympathetic straight shooter, qualities that I admire,” said Genevieve. “Because I’m an engineer, I make decisions based on charts, tables and analytics. He provided me with that type of quantitative information, so I was able to feel confident in cancelling my cycle with the other clinic and moving forward with HRC.”

With her new medication protocol, Genevieve produced more follicles than in previous treatments. Dr. Wilcox retrieved 15 eggs; nine survived and six were frozen as embryos. The couple then underwent three frozen cycles. Though they were not successful during the first two attempts, Genevieve and Ben were secure in Dr. Wilcox’s ability to learn why these cycles had failed. Except for the cost of anesthesia, he even provided the third cycle for free.

Noted Genevieve, “Dr. Wilcox and his staff were very encouraging. Though we were emotionally drained, their reassurance and determination to help us get pregnant made us feel like we were in the right hands despite our failures. But sure enough, we persevered and were successful on the third cycle with the last set of embryos. Now we have our eight-week old son.”

Genevieve acknowledges that experiencing fertility treatment was one of the hardest things she had ever done physically and emotionally, and she and her husband sought counseling when infertility put a strain on their marriage.

“Having a supportive staff and doctor really made a difference,” she added. “We started to see the light with Dr. Wilcox. He has an excellent bedside manner and seemed to have an answer for my every question, especially when my cycles failed. I have already recommended a friend to his office!”




A Four-Year Infertility Journey has a Happy Ending

When Lori gazes at at her adorable infant daughter Kai, she realizes the heartbreak and frustration of her four-year infertility journey was worth it.

Lori’s and husband Sean’s path to parenthood was complicated. It included treatment from her OBGYN and two local fertility clinics in Phoenix, as well as an ectopic pregnancy, one failed IVF cycle and three devastating miscarriages. After those providers failed to find the answers to their infertility problems, Lori and Sean decided to look elsewhere for an IVF clinic.

Sean’s online research took them across state lines to Orange County California and Dr. Jane Frederick, where their experience exceeded their expectations.

From day one with their Skype consultation, the couple knew they had found the right doctor. “We were so impressed by Dr. Frederick’s confidence and compassion,” said Lori. She reassured us we could make our efforts work. It was the first time we felt we had met a doctor who understood our pain.”

The couple found that living out of state wasn’t an issue because Dr. Frederick’s office was so organized. The office went out of its way to accommodate their busy schedules and helped coordinate testing and monitoring with Arizona clinicians. Lori and Sean only traveled to California when it was necessary for the IVF retrieval and transfer.


The two found all staff to be helpful, reassuring and positive, especially Dr. Frederick’s coordinator Priscilla. They felt they had access to Dr. Frederick or her staff at all times via email or phone.

Lori and Sean were understandably anxious because of their previous losses. So while they were thrilled to learn they they were pregnant, they were also concerned when their hCG levels started dropping. The HRC staff, however, alleviated their fears by communicating with the couple and their local physician.

“I would fly from anywhere in the country to have Dr. Frederick as my doctor,” said Lori. “She and her staff gave us hope and understanding when others didn’t.”

As a health nurse manager, Lori realizes how rare it is to find a doctor with the same level of care, concern and professionalism as Dr. Frederick. She always made Lori and Sean feel like they were her only patients, now matter how busy she might have been. That, she pointed out, is a rare combination and Lori hopes other couples take advantage of Dr. Frederick’s expertise and compassion.